Hva skjer i Oslo: Museum/Utstillinger


Stenersenmuseet er en del av Oslo Kommunes Kunstsamlinger. I tillegg til de permanente samlinger vises skiftende utstillinger med norsk og internasjonal kunst.



  1. #8 Innlegg fra Gerrie

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  2. #7 Innlegg fra Heidi

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  6. #3 Innlegg fra Kathy

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  7. #2 Innlegg fra Blondy

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  8. #1 Innlegg fra Tom

    LOL at your road trip stiores. I fly every other week, and lemme tellya, a 5 year old doing his best imitation of a siren is no fun at 40,000ft, when you're strapped to your seat, and there's nothing on satellite TV to dull your pain. Love that you decided to flash us in the last pic. Great outfit, as always. How DO you do it? :)